Keds X the Bee and the Fox

Wear your
heart on your sleeve

Most of us have an early memory surrounding a t-shirt; that souvenir shirt you pined for on a family vacation, that shirt that's been in your drawer so long it's now perfectly tattered, an oldie but goody.

Ashley standing by the side of a road.

We teamed up with Ashley Hooper, founder of T-shirt brand The Bee & The Fox, to create a collection that pays homage to the legacy of T-shirts. Here's to wearing your heart on your sneaker.

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Ashley Hooper, Founder of The Bee & The Fox
Do no harm, but take no shit

Do no harm,
but take no shit

For the days when positive vibes just aren't cutting it—sometimes things don't go your way, and it's okay to not be okay.

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A person wearing Keds x The Bee & The Fox Triple Kick ‘Pretty Powerful’ Shoes standing next to her skateboard


For the warrior in your life­—whether she’s out on the front lines, or holding it down at home, lately we’ve all been Pretty Powerful.

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A person wearing Keds x The Bee & The Fox Double Decker ‘Good Hearted Woman’ sitting next to her skateboard


For the one helping you hold it together—
nothing is as it was, and her kind-hearted support makes all the difference.

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