Ellen Van Dusen

Photo by Christopher Garcia Valle

Keds x Dusen Dusen


With a background as interesting as the bold patterns that have become her signature, Brooklyn-based designer Ellen van Dusen brings a unique perspective to design: neuroscience. Creating her own major at Tufts University, she bridged her love for design and psychology, studying how the brain reacts to different aesthetics. Her striking patterns are created to stimulate the brain’s reaction to movement, color, and contrast using angular shapes, vivid hues, and upbeat, feel-good prints.

Keds follows a similar model to the way I like to work at Dusen Dusen—using a classic shape as a canvas to experiment with color, pattern and shape. It was really fun to translate my work to a shoe. I recently learned that Keds was the first sneaker company to make shoes for women, which I think is so cool. I'm happy to be working with a brand that is forward thinking at its core and has opened the world up for women in a novel way.”

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