Maisie Wilen plus Keds logo. Model emerging from computer screen, holding a shoe from the collection.

From the runway to the edgy everyday.

Women’s fashion label Maisie Wilen’s signature psychedelic swirls of color, bold graphic prints, and celeb-loved quirky-cool style meets our iconic silhouettes. The result? A kaleidoscopic trip through designer Maisie Schloss’s vivid imagination, which debuted in her Autumn/Winter line at New York Fashion Week.

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A pair of spiked shoes from the collection.

Maisie’s favorites.

Model pulling mannequin foot, with trio platform on, out from a computer screen. Model wearing trio platforms and a matching, translucent blue, plastic robe.

The Trio Platform.

Maisie gave our fan-favorite platform sandal a whimsical twist with a gorgeous soft blue hue and tonal faux fur accent sure to catch attention and lots of compliments.

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Model wearing kickback mules and a matching mini-dress. Model emerging from computer screen, holding a kickback mule shoe from the collection.

The Kickback Mule.

Maisie’s signature pink-and-green optical pattern pumps up the volume on our relaxed mule sneaker—offering an effortless way to add interest to everyday looks.

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Meet Maisie.

Go behind the scenes with Maisie Schloss at New York Fashion Week to get a peek inside her process, inspiration, and first-of-its-kind runway experience.

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