At Keds, we’ve been putting ladies first for over 100 years—through iconic feminine style, strong female leadership, and a mission to empower the women around us to empower the women around them.

We are teaming up with Create & Cultivate, an organization dedicated to helping women build the careers of their dreams, to launch the first ever Create & Cultivate 100 list. Women are redefining the future of the world’s workplace and with this list we are honoring the top 100 ladies across 10 categories that are leading the way.


When I first started my career, I felt almost embarrassed by my success and would try to downplay certain achievements. Now as a 33-year-old business woman, I embrace it in a way that’s empowered and proud of my accomplishments.

- Emily Schuman

Founder and CEO of Cupcakes and Cashmere


Female empowerment means supporting other females, raising each other up, helping mentor women who are just starting out, and then dominating the world together!

- Gaby Dalkin

Founder/Chief Boss Lady at What’s Gaby Cooking


Female empowerment means trusting ourselves and each other and supporting one another whole heartedly.

- Kristie Streicher

Eyebrow Specialist/Co-Founder of STRIIIKE

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