POWER IS being a fearless

By Morgan Louise
Model, traveler, coffee lover, and friend

Photographed in NYC by Rashida Zagon

Morgan finds confidence in New York in the leather Ace sneaker

Morgan Louise gives us an inside look at her journey of finding confidence and how, through self advocacy, she nailed her dream job of being a NYC fashion model.

“Growing up chubby, I always got the message that big was not beautiful from every direction. When I started seeing plus size models and women who looked like me loving themselves on the Internet, I noticed the positive effect that had on me. I started to overhaul the types of media I was consuming so that I would see more women who looked like me being celebrated. Once you begin to finally see yourself represented you begin to feel normal, and then eventually beautiful and powerful.

Morgan Louise
“Once you begin to finally see yourself represented you begin to feel normal, and then eventually beautiful and powerful.”

I always heard you had to be ‘discovered’ or ‘scouted’ by modelling agencies, but a few years ago—after being inspired by other plus size models and what their work did for my own self-esteem—I decided to create my own comp cards (basically a model's business card) and sent them to agencies in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. This led to both an entire career and life change.

Power is being a self-advocate, it’s about the actions you have to take to make your dreams a reality and having the courage to ask for/advocate for what you want and deserve—whether it's in your career or with your relationships.”


Rashida Zagon, @rashidazagon, NYC

Power is taking control of your life.

“I find power behind the camera by capturing the world as I see it. It feels amazing and sometimes surreal that I am able to bring a moment in time back to life. I get to play a part in showing my subjects in a way they probably have never seen before. I find so much power in that.”

Rashida Zagon

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