The ladies of influencing in color

POWER IS collaboration

A chat with the powerful women of

Influencing in Color

Photographed in Houston by Saphir Niakadie

Based in Houston, Texas, Influencing in Color is a squad of fierce women—Nikki, Shay, Meghan, and Brandy—who aim to inspire, educate, encourage social change and pursue shared goals. Above all else, Influencing In Color is a positive influence for women of all colors with a commitment to inclusion and diversity. We chatted with them about what power means to them, and here’s what they had to say:

“To have power we often think in regards to being capable of doing more than one could have ever imagined. We have learned that through collaboration over competition women have come together and have achieved so much more.” 

“One of Influencing In Color’s missions is our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Using our personal experiences as a guide, we aim to change the scope of the influencer market so that creators of all colors have a seat at the table.”

The ladies of influencing in color sitting
“We have learned that through collaboration over competition women have come together and have achieved so much more.”

“I’ve found power in the support system. These ladies have helped support me in every way. Everyone sees us being supportive via social media but the support behind the scenes is equal. It’s powerful to know that when all the lights go off and the camera is put away, that there are three women who still support you in life!” 


Nikki Gamble in a hat

“I've found power in believing in myself again! Working with Meghan, Nikki, and Brandy has not only inspired me to work harder, but my drive and determination have also increased because I have people cheering me on. We all have the same common goals and even though we all drive results differently, our end goal is still the same which is to be powerful women on a mission!” 


“I’ve found power in just simply having self confidence. Out of the four of us amazing women, I am the youngest with the smallest audience. Owning that, staying confident within, and being surrounded by their positive energy assures me that what we have is unique, unstoppable and immeasurable. Self confidence allows me to be great and do great things.” 


Meghan Adams lounging on grass

“I’ve found power in just being myself around these other amazingly talented women. To see firsthand that you can come from different worlds and not only coexist, but thrive because of our differences is empowering on so many levels. This might sound odd but our differences make me feel even more secure in my own skin because I can understand deeply that I never have to be anything other than me.” 


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Saphir Niakadie, New York

Power is authenticity and knowledge of self

“I find power in knowing that my eye and creativity are unique. Every picture I take will have a touch that cannot be found elsewhere. For me there is power in just trusting myself and my creativity when I shoot.”

Saphir Niakadie

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