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A chat with three of GRLSWIRL's nine badass female co-founders

Photographed in LA by Shannon Moss

Three women wearing dresses and riding skateboards

GRLSWIRL is a grassroots, all-female skate community focused on uniting women through skateboarding, empowering them to break gender boundaries, and inspiring them to start a revolution by harnessing inclusivity and friendship.

“Ultimately we want to revolutionize the world and bring women together.”–MONROE

On finding community:

“I am a fairly new skater who definitely doesn’t fit the typical skateboarder mold. I was a pro ballerina terrified to get on a board, but was taught correctly and fell in love with how liberating and empowering skating feels. I was skating every day, and very quickly I realized the unwanted attention I would attract being a feminine woman skating alone. I started recruiting other women to join me in the hope of finding comfort in numbers. Suddenly we were a force, not a minority, and we all felt it was revolutionary.” - LUCY

“Through divine timing, support from the community, and so much love, our grassroots movement started.” - MYRIAH

On strength in numbers:

“When women work together, instead of against each other, we are unstoppable. Realizing this and comprehending the power we have as a true sisterhood, was revolutionary and knowing we can spread this message to women around the globe has been the most rewarding [part of our work].” - LUCY

“For me personally, it’s [about] the inspiration I’ve gotten from the others. It’s easy to doubt yourself and it’s easy to feel like you can’t do something alone. These women have picked me up when I’ve been down. They have allowed me to be teachable through this process. We are vulnerable and honest and take the steps to talk about language and our hearts.” - MYRIAH

On what’s next for GRLSWIRL:

“If we can spread this empowerment, women around the globe who have been oppressed and told to sit down and be pretty, suddenly are understanding their power and able to stand up for what they believe in and unite as sisters. Our mission is to be inspiration for this empowerment, that is progress to us.“ - LUCY

“I hope in the coming years we can normalize womxn, or anyone for that matter, on a board. Too often it is shocking to see someone besides a straight male on a skateboard.” - MYRIAH

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