Made for women whatever that means. Issue One: Power

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the keds hand-book for women

Spring 2020

Since creating the first sneaker for women back in 1916, Keds has been about helping women expand the possibility of what they can do and who they can be.

Women have come a long way since then, but there are still rules—written and unwritten—on the “right” way to be a woman.

We’re helping women break these rules by reinforcing the idea that every woman should feel comfortable asserting her true self, whatever that means.

That’s where our Hand-Book for Women comes in.

Back in the 1910s-20s, Keds published a series of “Hand-books for Girls” which encouraged young women to get out and exert their independence—a revolutionary move in a time when society was telling women to sit pretty and ask for permission. 

This modernized version of the handbook is yet another step in Keds’ commitment to empowering women to be whatever kind of woman they want to be.

It’s about letting women, real women, tell their stories—unfiltered and unapologetically— because by showing the world that there is no “one” or “right” way to be, we pave a path for more acceptance, compassion, and understanding for all. Something Keds has stood for for over 100 years.

Lisa Lewis, Vice President of Marketing
XXXO, Lisa Lewis, Vice President of Marketing Lisa Lewis, Vice President of Marketing

Our first issue revolves around the theme of power (it seems fitting as we boldly step into a new decade). I hope these stories inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me, and that you can see a little bit of yourself or a loved one reflected in these narratives.

whatever that means

<h3>Power is <em>building community</em></h3>

Power is building community

Pamy Rangel was constantly fighting against the strict mold her society was trying to force her into. We talked with her about building her own community and the decision to start her own Magazine.

<h3>Power is <em>having a female perspective</em></h3>

Power is having a female perspective

Holly Curtis, Keds Vice President of product, on the power of pushing forward the legacy of a made-for-women footwear brand.

<h3>Power is <em>being a fearless self-advocate</em></h3>

Power is being a fearless self-advocate

Morgan Louise, NYC fashion model, on her journey toward finding confidence and how she nailed her dream job through self-advocacy.

<h3>Power is <em>owning your struggles</em></h3>

Power is owning your struggles

An original piece by The Bee & The Fox founder and our stellar collab partner, Ashley Hooper, on the power of rediscovering oneself after a messy breakup.

<h3>Power is <em>overcoming fears</em></h3>

Power is overcoming fears

Marilaura Lopez, founder of Silencio AC, on how she found the power to bring music to fellow hard-of-hearing people in Mexico.

<h3>Power is <em>knowing your worth</em></h3>

Power is knowing your worth

Tips on empowering yourself financially, from certified financial planner, Jenna Rogers.

<h3>Power is <em>being unapologetically me</em></h3>

Power is being unapologetically me

Rebekah Bruesehoff, 13-year-old transgender activist, shares her powerful story of living her truth and finding confidence in being herself.

<h3>Power is <em>creativity</em></h3>

Power is creativity

Freelance illustrator and fan artist, Maria Rola, on her relationship with power through creation.

<h3>Power is <em>the freedom to choose</em></h3>

Power is the freedom to choose

Minnie Luong, founder of Chi Kitchen Kimchi,on embracing the freedom to do what she loves most.

<h3>Power is <em>writing my own narrative</em></h3>

Power is writing my own narrative

An original piece by storyteller and mother Jessica Latshaw on overcoming grief through writing and finding the power to persevere.

<h3>Power is <em>being both and neither</em></h3>

Power is being both and neither

An exclusive Q&A with Alya Mooro, British-Egyptian journalist and author of The Greater Freedom, about combatting stereotypes and finding power in being undefinable.

<h3>Power is <em>collaboration</em></h3>

Power is collaboration

A chat with the fierce women of Influencing in Color - Nikki, Shay, Meghan, and Brandy - on how they've found power through pursuing shared goals.

<h3>Power is <em>unassuming</em></h3>

Power is unassuming

Lola Mosanya, go-getter and journalist, on how she pulled off the ultimate act of independence.

<h3>Power is <em>saying “yes”</em></h3>

Power is saying “yes”

Katie Kelleher, crane operator, gives an inside look at her journey from consultancy to construction and how her courage to say “yes” gave her more power than she imagined.

<h3>Power is <em>love</em></h3>

Power is love

Nina Westbrook, marriage and family therapist, talks about forgetting perfection, embracing the chaos, and the power of unconditional love.

<h3>Power is <em>mentorship</em></h3>

Power is mentorship

Deborah Metts, boss and friend, demonstrates the power of using your position to lift others up.

<h3>Power is <em>taking control of your life</em></h3>

Power is taking control of your life

Rashida Zagon, self-made photographer, talks about how she the found the power to transform her hobby into a full-blown career.

<h3>Power is <em>representation</em></h3>

Power is representation

Alana Mayo, head of production and development at production company Outlier Society, speaks about the importance of using your own power to lift others up.

<h3>Power is <em>within us</em></h3>

Power is within us

An exclusive Q&A with Meena Harris, founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, about activism, motherhood, and paying it forward.

<h3>Power is <em>my unwavering truth</em></h3>

Power is my unwavering truth

Aija Mayrock, poet and writer, performs an original power poem about finding truth and strength in her journey to womanhood through writing and poetry.

<h3>Power is <em>fashioning community</em></h3>

Power is fashioning community

By Sara Tatyana Bernstein, PhD & Elise Chatelain, PhD, fashion theorists and co-editors of Dismantle Magazine, give a synopsis on how women have used fashion to form collective identities through the generations.