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The AllBright is a community of smart-minded women dedicated to championing sisterhood and creating networking opportunities for women in business.

Photographed in London by Claudia Leisinger

Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones

A conversation with The AllBright co-founders Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones on the power of sisterhood and how fast-tracking their digital platform kept their community connected during a global pandemic.

Debbie: In normal circumstances, the cornerstone of our business is physical spaces. Because of the pandemic, like everybody, we had to close our doors and do so very suddenly. And it was a really difficult time. This has been a reflective period, and it made us realize that the sisterhood of women [at The AllBright] needs us now more than ever.

We know women are thinking about the world of work differently. Many women’s lifetime earnings will never recover, and, on top of that, many of us have double the mental load of men—we’ve been dealing with juggling homeschooling, domestic chores, working, and all the rest.

Debbie Wosskow
“We’re about being bigger, better, listening, learning from our community, and developing a sisterhood globally that’s there for one another and really helps women to fulfill their ambitions—whatever that means for them.”

So rather than waiting for the lockdown to end, we made it our mission on day one to pivot our business and the way that our community is thinking. Digital had always been part of our plan and what we did, but we have really tripled down on what that effort and output looks like. We immediately put all of our content online. We’ve done something like 230 events in the last three and a half months and we’ve launched our digital membership to sit alongside the physical membership. It’s available to any woman, anywhere in the world, not just the women who happen to live in London or LA.

Anna Jones

Anna: We had this movement where we had this 8-month plan for our digital platform, and we really squeezed that into a matter of weeks. It was challenging but also exhilarating because we were getting real-time feedback from the community on what it means to them. That has kept us all feeling focused, upbeat, and excited.

The first week of lockdown we started a channel called ‘Take a Moment for the Sisterhood,’ and it was basically people putting their hand up to offer their time, their services, or their expertise. You had everything from lawyers saying I’ll check your contracts, to PR Managers saying I can help with that interview. It was just a fabulous thing to see.

Our story is really around a serendipitous moment. Debbie and I met at a party, we were introduced by mutual friends, and then our lives changed in that moment. And we wouldn’t normally have met, so what we want to do is emulate that for as many women as possible. And hopefully we’ll be able to match people across countries and continents, and industries and ages.

Debbie: We’re about being bigger, better, listening, learning from our community, and developing a sisterhood globally that’s there for one another and really helps women to fulfill their ambitions—whatever that means for them. What we’re so excited about now is the opportunity to deliver the experience of sisterhood globally to any woman, anywhere, at a time when we think she needs us.


Claudia Leisinger, Photographer, London @claudialeisinger

Progress is unavoidable

“Progress is unavoidable and the best kind of progress happens when real effort is invested into understanding the past, the present, how incredibly connected everything is and once we accept our limitations when it comes to controlling the outcome.”

Claudia Leisinger

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