How to Clean Your Keds

Scuffs, spills, smudges—they happen. But don’t worry, here are some easy cleaning hacks:
  • We recommend spot cleaning for the majority of our sneakers:
    • For most stains we recommend a non-bleach stain stick (for the really tough ones, check out our deep cleaner for sneakers)
    • For scuffs and marks on the rubber bottom, we’ve found that both nail polish remover and disinfecting wipes do the trick
  • Any Keds with the word “washable” in the name are washing machine friendly!
Keds sneakers in various colors in soapy suds getting clean.

Tips for
Our Machine
Washable Kicks:

Laundry Bag Icon

Put them in a mesh laundry bag (or pillowcase) to protect other items in the load

Cold Water Icon

Use cold water and
medium spin speed

Liquid Detergent Icon

Liquid detergent
is best

Air Dry Icon

Let them air dry (don’t put
them in the dryer!!)

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If you have additional questions about your Keds, please contact our Customer Service department.